The Sundance Collection

Select Efficiency. Striking Design.

Sundance introduces the most energy-efficient spas in the category, with lower operating costs than comparable models.* Improved hydrotherapy and modern design sets these greenhot tubs apart, too. New, standard details include dusk-sensing exterior lights, a sleek new control panel and extra-comfy pillows. New, upgraded options for 2011:

  • VersaStep™ step option with handrail/towel holder and storage compartment.
  • Optional SunStrong™ cover made of premium Sunbrella® outdoor-furniture fabric.
  • Marine-grade stereo in weatherproof enclosure.

The Sundance Victoria™ debuts a lounge seat with SMT™ leg jets that massage the hard-to-reach hamstrings and calves. New for both the Constance™ and Victoria™ spas:

  • MicroClean™ Elite purification system keeps water cleaner.
  • Weather- and UV-resistant materials increase durability.
  • Attractive new cabinet-top deck conceals the acrylic edge.
  • Autumn Walnut skirting and Sea Mist acrylic added to color choices.
  • Multi-tier, comfortable, cool-down seat makes spa entry and exit safer.

The Gold Standard of Spas.

The 880 Series luxury hot tubs are superior to any others in design and performance. These are the luxury spas that come to mind when planning a dream backyard. Stylish, technologically advanced, and feature-rich, each of the 880 Series luxury hot tubs takes the concept of “having it all” to a new level. From the backlit AquaTerrace waterfall to the MicroClean water purification system, a Sundance 880 Series spa comes equipped with the best. And if your idea of a luxury hot tub is like ours, you’ll want to add enhancements, like SunScents aromatherapy. Some notable standouts in the Series: more patented Fluidix hot tub jets and jet varieties to deliver a professional-caliber Hydrotherapy spa for every body type. AquaTerrace waterfalls rise above a seat where you can relax as water cascades over your back and shoulders.

  • Superior hot tub spa hydrotherapy with patented Fluidix jets
  • Contemporary styling in new TerraStone cabinetry on selected models
  • Easiest upkeep in the portable hot tub industry with the MicroClean™ Ultra™ Filter
  • Naturally relaxing features like our famous Accu-Ssage therapy seat

Our 880 Series spas lead the luxury hot tub industry. from the mighty Maxxus™ to the fully loaded Marin™, each of the 880 Series spas is uniquely equipped to deliver the healthy benefits of hydrotherapy in an entertaining package.


The Spotlight of Backyards.

Outdoor hot tubs can turn ordinary yards into a backyard oasis. Create your personal outdoor oasis with a 780 Series hot tub by Sundance Spas. Contemporary in design and function, these spas are built in the best Sundance tradition. Ideal for relaxing, reconnecting, or recovering from stress and strain, a 780 Series spa also enhances your backyard with the sight and sound of water and light. The AquaSheer LED-lighted spa waterfall, with crystal-clear water flowing over a curved edge, evokes an outdoor experience like a brook in springtime, or a Japanese garden. All of the SunRay hot tub lighting package details are meticulously executed. Once you’re inside a 780 Series spa, our famous Soothing Muscle Therapy (SMT), Fluidix, and Accu-Pressure jets work together to pamper you with personalized massage styles. Contoured pillow headrests provide comfort and support as you relax in a lounge or our famous Accu-Ssage spa therapy seat. For a sophisticated finish to your 780 Series spa, upgrade to stainless-steel jet trim.

Standard features include:

  • MicroClean™ Water Purification System
  • MicroClean™ Filter
  • 24-hour Circulation Pump
  • Slipstream™ Floating Skimmer
  • TheraFlo™ Hot Tub Jet Pump(s)
  • Backlit AquaSheer™ Waterfall

Fun Shapes and Custom Options.

Small hot tubs to large hot tubs – Sundance Spas creates a hot tub shape and size for every backyard. With its smartly designed triangular shape, the Tacoma is a standout among small hot tubs because it fits practically anywhere. It’s where the low-profile, small hot tub design takes shape. Leave it to Sundance to design a small hot tub that’s ultra-versatile. Or, bring home a Hawthorne, Hartford, or Burlington spa and get ready for big fun. These spas give you plenty of room for family and party-size groups. Favorite features, like waterfalls, molded beverage holders, and comfy pillow headrests are standard on these three models. And for the best hot tub experience, choose factory-installed options from the Custom Luxury (CL) collection: stainless steel jets, a marine-grade stereo with in-spa speakers, a 24-hour circulation pump, and seductive in-spa LED lighting.

Take a moment to immerse in total relaxation. Peacefully alone or in the company of friends and family, find time to let go of stress and enjoy simply feeling good. That’s what happens when a 680 Series Sundance spa becomes a part of your life. Every model delivers the combination of heat, buoyancy, and massage that is known to help you feel better in so many ways – classic Sundance hot tub hydrotherapy.

They look great online, but just wait until you see them in person.

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