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Pure Comfort, Pure Performance, & Pure Style

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  • Pure Performance
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When a personal trainer designed specific series of exercises, called circuit training, you get a more balanced workout.

Similarly, in the seats of your Caldera spa you’ll find various types of Jets specific anatomical configuration. So, as you move from sea to sea, all of your body’s major major muscle groups received a completely satisfying massage. We called this remarkable system “Hot Tub Circuit Therapy.”

Your comfort is our priority so we make it easy to tailor your hot tub experience. For more powerful massage, simply adjusted diverter valves, directing water flow to the seats in use. Turn the outer ring on any adjustable jet or air valve to alter the flow, or close them off entirely to increase the massage action of jets you’re currently using.

Caldera hot tubs feature efficient filtration and a choice of water care solutions that help make owning your spot trouble-free experience.

Water care can be daunting, but not with the integrated Spa Frog system. This virtually maintenance free system brings velvety soft, sparkling-clear water to your Caldera Spa. It uses less chemicals than traditional systems and contains a combination of specially formulated minerals and bromine that are more gentle on your skin.

With the Spa Frog system, treating your spa water is easy– nothing to pour, nothing to measure. Simply select your use level on the mineral and bromine cartridges, insert them into the integrated housing, and test your water weekly. It’s easy to simplify your spa experience using the Spa Frog system.

When buying hot tub, comfort and relaxation are high on the list of must-have. That’s why Caldera Spas rate so well. What makes a Caldera Spa even more desirable is it’s impressive range of stylish amenities designed with more than beauty in mind.

When it comes to cover lifters, our proprietary designs are made to exacting specifications for optimal integration with the spa cover. Caldera lifters function so efficiently, it’s easy to see why they help keep your spa’s cover looking great for years.

Beauty also blends with function on a host of accessories made to complete your spot environment, like a handrail, towel tree and canopy umbrella. Solid constructed steps, made of durable, maintenance-free synthetics, make a sturdy and attractive spot entrance. Available in colors and finishes that match spa cabinets, the steps are just another detail showing that with Caldera, style means more than just good looks

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