custom tables

Your Egg Deserves The Best.


Custom Egg Tables are a beautiful option for your Egg’s home. Made of 100% Solid wood, with custom sizes and features, we have the Ultimate Tables for the Ultimate Cooking Machine.


Features Include:
  • Custom Fits to hold any Egg. Whether it’s an XL, a Large and a Mini, or two Mediums, custom tables fit your exact needs.

  • Custom Accessories for any Egghead. From paper towel dispensers to rack holders, these tables offer features like no other.

  • Custom Ascetics that fit any backyard decor. Whether it is rustic and natural, or polished and stained, no table looks alike.

  • Made here in Mid-Missouri, from the finest woods and the finest craftsmanship.


Ready To Make Your Egg Really, Really Happy?

If you want to learn more, come by the store or send us a message below.