Egg Sizes

An Egg For Every Appetite.

Take your egg with you! Bring it to tailgates, picnics, or to the lake. It will cook a couple chicken breast or pork chops, or a steak.

Perfect for a smaller space, you can cook a great meal quick, or still cook a twelve-pound turkey! Throw on burgers for four, a whole chicken, a couple steaks, or even a rack of ribs.

It doesn’t get better for a small family. With a size that accommodates the best Eggcessories, while also being compact enough to fit on a small porch. Fits burgers or whole chickens for a party, steaks for four, or ribs for your big appetite.

This is the most popular Egg. Perfect for weekend cookouts, but efficient enough for nightly cooking. Cook a 20 pound turkey, burgers for the neighborhood, six chickens, eight steaks, or 7 racks of ribs.

Feeding an army? No problem! This Egg is Xtra-Large any way you look at it. Whether you’re cooking two full size turkeys, 11 whole chickens, or 14 stacks of ribs, you’ll always have space for one more thing.


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